Volunteer for Civil War Bluejackets Beta Testing!

We are moving closer and closer to the full launch of the transcription phase of Civil War Bluejackets, where we will be seeking Citizen Scientists to assist us in transcribing all the Civil War Muster Rolls of the U.S. Navy on the Zooniverse platform. We have just entered the Beta Testing phase on Zooniverse, whereContinue reading “Volunteer for Civil War Bluejackets Beta Testing!”

Civil War Bluejackets Features in Special Issue of Crossfire

The Civil War Bluejackets team recently received an invitation from the American Civil War Roundtable UK to guest edit a special edition of their magazine, Crossfire. The main theme of the issue was the Irish experience of the conflict, but we took the opportunity to highlight the Bluejackets project through both the introduction and inContinue reading “Civil War Bluejackets Features in Special Issue of Crossfire”

Big News for Civil War Bluejackets!

Professor David Gleeson has been awarded a major Research Grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council UK for Civil War Bluejackets: Race, Class and Ethnicity in the United States Navy, 1861-1865 (CWB) to go well beyond this initial pilot study and transcribe all the Civil War US Navy Muster rolls. In collaboration with University ofContinue reading “Big News for Civil War Bluejackets!”