Infographic: Exploring the Origins, Ethnicity & Makeup of an American Civil War Ship’s Crew

Where were the men who served aboard U.S. naval vessels from the American Civil War born? What proportions of their crew were African American, and how many were immigrants? The answers to these questions varied from ship to ship, but could have a profound impact on how the vessel’s on-board community functioned. In our new infographic, we use the data our volunteer transcribers compiled as part of the Civil War Bluejackets Project to share that information as it relates to one vessel- USS Louisville. By exploring the images below you will learn about African American and immigrant representation, where those men were from, and their proportional place in the shipboard community. To explore the infographic in more detail, you can click directly on the images to enlarge them.

Published by Damian Shiels

Archaeologist & Historian

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