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  • Bluejacket Community Discoveries: “Property Of…”

    Bluejacket Community Discoveries: “Property Of…”

    Our latest Community Discoveries post- showcasing information spotted by our Zooniverse Citizen Scientists– relates to detail uncovered by community members @Okapi24 and @monkalie. While working on a muster from the USS Alfred Robb, taken on 30th June 1864, they identified something interesting about the first two men listed- instead of providing nativity information under the […]

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  • Memorial Day Stories 1: USS Tecumseh

    Memorial Day Stories 1: USS Tecumseh

    For Memorial Day 2022 Civil War Bluejackets took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share the stories of some of the men who lost their lives aboard USS Tecumseh at the Battle of Mobile Bay, Alabama in 1864. Covering the vessel and four of her crew, the stories were presented as threads, and are replicated […]

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