Volunteer for Civil War Bluejackets Beta Testing!

We are moving closer and closer to the full launch of the transcription phase of Civil War Bluejackets, where we will be seeking Citizen Scientists to assist us in transcribing all the Civil War Muster Rolls of the U.S. Navy on the Zooniverse platform. We have just entered the Beta Testing phase on Zooniverse, where we are trialling the transcription of a sample of sheets. If you are interested in participating in this Beta Test, we would love to have you aboard! To do so you can register for Zooniverse here and then begin classification work on the Bluejackets Zooniverse page here.

Once you are signed up, you can pick from four different workflows: transcribing Sailor’s Ship Nos., Names & Ratings; their enlistment details; their nativity age and occupation; or their personal description. On our Zooniverse page you will also find a link to a short survey where you can provide feedback and suggestions to us. We are very keen to hear what you think!

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