Join Civil War Bluejackets on Transcription Tuesday, 31 January 2023!

Every year, Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine holds a major online transcription event entitled “Transcription Tuesday.” It calls on those interested in family and social history to support a number of not-for-profit transcription projects by transcribing some of their available documents (read more about Transcription Tuesday here). This year is the seventh annual WDYTYA Transcription Tuesday event, and we are delighted to say that Civil War Bluejackets is among those projects selected for this year’s focus. We have written up a piece for WDYTYA on how you can participate, which you can read on their website here. This year’s date is 31 January 2023, and we are greatly looking forward to engaging with everyone who comes along to try their hand at transcribing some of our records. So mark your calendars, and hopefully we will see some of you there!

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